Wood Artists

Michael Hollis - Wood Turner

Michael Hollis of Greensboro has been in construction all of his life, including woodworking and millwork.  He enjoys creating his one-of-a-kind pieces like natural edge bowls, spindle turnings, lidded vessels, ornaments and more from a variety of wood types for use and décor.

David Phillips - Wood Carver

David Phillips, a retired teacher, spends most of his time carving fish that reflect his deep respect of nature.  The fish are carved from waning wood, a rebirth or preservation of sorts.  The cedar is gathered from the Wrayswood farm in rural Greene County.  Special attention is given to the flow of the limb from which each fish is carved so that David’s fish actually look like they are swimming.  Each fish is a unique piece of art to be displayed and cherished.

Alan Etter - Wood Carver

While stationed in Virginia, Alan Etter, a career naval officer, had the opportunity to learn the art of decoy carving from a long-time hunter and carver.  He carves decoys for hunting also, but the majority of his carvings are decorative.  Each basswood decoy is unique, hand-carved and hand-painted.