Pottery Artists

Kris London - Pottery

Kris London has been creating original artwork in the foothills of North Georgia Mountains for years.  Her work reflects her love of nature and is inspired by her travels, especially her scuba diving trips.  Nature-inspired textures can be found throughout her works, bringing the out-of-doors into each piece. Her greatest fulfillment is when customers enjoy her work.

Judy Lynn - Pottery

Master Potter, Judy Lynn from Cherry Log has been creating and turning functional stoneware pottery on her potter’s wheel for over 20 years, receiving many awards. Her love of nature and whimsical sense of humor is reflected in each of her works of art, especially in the “Worry Frog” pieces.  

Janice Hall and Patrick Shields - Pottery

Janice Hall and Patrick Shields are traditional potters who strive, through their ceramic creations, to preserve the old methods and practices.  Their wares are turned from native clays on home-built wheels and fired in wood-burning kilns, much the same way pottery was made two hundred years ago.  They create traditional, functional works of art utilizing modern technology with glazes while incorporating the folk art shapes of heritage Georgia pottery.