Glass Artists

Paul Bendzunas - Glass Art

Using traditional glass blowing techniques, Paul Bendzunas gleans ideas for his creative work from the woods, creek and ravines on his farm in Comer. “I like the immediacy of glass. I can conceptualize and finish a piece in one process.  Glass is like watercolor.  It needs to be in my mind ahead of time and blown swiftly.” Certain pieces may resemble pottery, but are intricately designed blown glass. Collected internationally, a piece of Bendzunas glass is a true work of art. 

Lisa Mote - Glass Art

Award-winning mother of five, Lisa Motes has a passion for glass and uses immense creative expression to design works of art that include all types of glass-working techniques that include combining metal and glass as sculptural works.  Her art is collected internationally and she hopes you love her work as much as she enjoys creating it.