Fiber Artists

Margaret Agner - Silk Fiber Artist

Margaret Agner produces some of the most unique fabric creations in America with her combination of dyes on silk.  Her beautiful scarves, wall hangings of silk and canvas brings the beauty of Georgia’s out-of-doors into practical, useful fabric art, perfect for any occasion.

Cheryl White - Fiber Artist

Originally from England, Cheryl White lives in Penfield.  Her love of weaving is apparent in each carefully woven piece of art.  Her creations are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.  Cheryl remarks, “Unlike the weavers of the past, I do not have to weave every piece of cloth used in my house, so I have the luxury of designing fun, interesting items for today’s generation to use and enjoy.”  By combining a variety of fibers with traditional motifs, Cheryl weaves timeless apparel and handsome household pieces that will last for years.

Bonnie Montgomery - Fiber Artist

Well-known throughout the area for her creative and functional woven art, she takes ordinary fabrics and refashions them into useful products with beauty and style.  From the yarn she develops, to intricate woven patterns, her rugs, bags, coasters and trivets are a favorite at Genuine Georgia.  Durable and washable, a Montgomery runner is as comfortable on the floor as it is hung on the wall.